Starter Tips

10 suggestions for beginning exercise

1. Pick an activity you enjoy.

I have people ask me all the time “What exercise or equipment works best? My answer is: What do you like to do? Running, squataerobics, weight training, swimming? Choose an exercise program that you will enjoy doing. There is nothing more de-motivating than doing something that you are not enjoying when you are doing it.

2. Start Slowly.

Changing your well being is an ongoing process not a quick fix action. When you decide to start you have won half the battle. There is no need to spend 2-3 hrs a day working out. 20-30 minutes 3 times a week is a great way to start. Get up get out and GO!

3. Set realistic short and long term goals and write them down.

Lose a few pounds, inches or % of body fat may be a great goal but remember that last bowl of ice cream or slice of cake didn’t cause all that extra to magically appear. It was a long term process of inactivity that caused those extra pounds to get added.

4. Make a plan.

Sit down and write down your schedule and workout for each week. Make the workouts fun and challenging. Remember a goal that is not written down is just a dream.

5. Workout with a partner.

Just setting a schedule with your self can lead to other distractions taking precedence over your workout, (especially in the beginning). So get a partner, it will make you keep that appointment with them. (you don’t want to let them down, do you?)

6. Wear the right clothing

Wearing the right clothing to workout in is a must. Street clothes are not as comfortable nor will the give you the flexibility you will need while exercising. Wear proper footwear as well. Street or dress shoes in the gym are an accident waiting to happen. Wear comfortable shoes that fit and are designed for exercise.

7. Set an appointment to exercise

You only get one body, take care of it and it will take care of you. Set aside 1 hr 3 times a week to exercise and make sure it happens when you schedule it. Keep the appointment with yourself.

8. Ask for advice

Too often a novice starts without any direction and ends up injuring his or herself. Consult with a exercise specialist for a program specifically designed for your fitness level, goals and schedule. Also consult your doctor before engaging in any strenuous exercise program.

9. Live a healthy lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle is a choice and stems from good habits and practices. Quit smoking, cut back on your alcoholic beverage intake, lower your fat and salt consumption, drink water instead of soda and snack on healthy items rather than that candy bar. When out take the stairs instead of the elevator (when possible) park in the first spot rather than trying to get closest to the building.

10. Focus you family time around physical activity

Plan activities with the family that involve physical activity. Spend time at the gym, go for a walk, go bowling, swimming or just spend some time at your local park. Make exercise park of your family time and you and your children will benefit for a lifetime.

These are just some recommendations toward a healthier you. Making the first step is up to you. Are you ready? I think you are.

Remember, before to start an exercise program check with your doctor first to assess your level of fitness and if you feel dizzy, weak or sick STOP right away.

A little workout motivation.

Follow your dreams and make them realities

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