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Here is part of the program that I used to shape and sculpt my body during my 12 week transformation. These are the workouts that worked for me. If you feel tired, dizzy  faint or unable to to a set don’t worry…. STOP, rest and try to recover.  It takes time to build up the strength and endurance, be patient.  It is important to remember to change your workout every 4 weeks.   This prevents “muscle memory”  and allows you to continue to get results without hitting plateaus.  Remember, muscles need to constantly be pushed and stretched to their limits to grow and strengthen. Once you get to a level and can consistently work to that level you will be stuck there until you challenge yourself (muscles).

Give  workout #1 a try,  then come back Click on workout 2 or 3 

  • First Third Weight Training Program
    • Workout #1
    • Workout #2 once you try the first workout come back and get the rest
    • Workout #3
  • Cardio
  • Schedules  See how to plan your workouts with a weekly schedule

We believe that to be successful the first step is setting your goals. Try our easy to use step by step goal setting form to help you establish and stick to your diet and exercise program.  We show you how to build a plan that works

I feel that weight training is one of the critical components that made me successful in my body transformation.  Three days per week 45-to 60 minutes per session is all it takes.  I enjoy the weight training portion of my program and typically add a few more intense sets and still spend only 60-75 minutes lifting weights 3 times per week. Remember to know your limits and don’t try to over exert yourself without first consulting your doctor.

First series Workout

This series is set up for a four week period.   Follow this group for four weeks than change your workout to prevent your body to adapt totally to these exercises. (These are the weights I use. Adjust the weight to your level of strength.  Do not attempt to lift more weight than you need to accomplish each set and number of  reps.)

Workout #1


  • Bench press
    • 2 sets x12 reps (warm-up)
    • 1 set x10 reps
    • 1 set x 8 reps
    • 1 set x 6 reps
  • Incline Barbell Press
    • 2 sets x 8 reps
    • 2 sets x 6 reps
  • Incline Flys
    • 1×10 reps 30
    • 2×8 reps 35
    • 1x 6 reps 40 lbs.

Note:  You may change-out incline barbell for dumbbells every other week.


  • Seated Barbell Press (Front military press)
    • 2 sets x10 reps 95lbs
    • 1 set x 8 reps 105lbs
    • 1 set x 6 reps 115lbs
  • Lateral Raises
    • 2 sets x10 25lbs
    • 1 set x 8 30lbs
    • 1 set x 6 35lbs
  • Up right rows
    • 2 sets x 12 reps75lbs
    • 1 set x 10 reps 90lbs
    • 1 set x 8 reps 110lbs


  • French curls (Skull crushers)
    • 1 set x12 reps 70lbs (warm-up)
    • 2 sets x10   80lbs
    • 1 set x 8    85lbs
    • 1 set x 6    90lbs
  • Front Pushdowns
    • 1 set x10 reps  50lbs (warm-up)
    • 2 sets x10     60lbs
    • 1 set x 8    70lbs


  • Incline Crunches 3×20-25 to start increase to 40-50 over time
  • Hanging Leg raises 3×15-20  work to failure

Allow minimal time between work sets. (Approximately 1 minute)


Complete at least 20 minutes per session and attempt to increase your heart rate to 70-75% of your max heart rate.

(To measure  heart rate take 220 and subtract your age then multiply the answer by either .70 or .75.   This will give you your target heart rate range.)

I like to use all the different types of cardio workouts for variety what I do depends on when and where I do my cardio. If I am doing cardio in the morning I will jump out of bed and run for 20 minutes.  If I am traveling and in a hotel I like to ride the bike or do the stair stepper. Mix up you routine this will keep your mind fresh and hit the muscle groups a little different each time.

  • Running

  • Stationary Bike

  • Stair Stepper

  • Elliptical Walker

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