Supplementation and Diet go hand in hand..  Without one, the other will not help you reach your goals.  I approach supplementing my diet very simply.  Add to make your program diet simple and easy to achieve add what you need and no more.

Why take supplements?

  • Supplements ensure you get an adequate amount of essential nutrients.

  • Supplements replace nutrients destroyed by poor diet, smoking, alcohol consumption & pollution

  • Supplements make up for the poor nutrient content of many food we eat.

  • Stress can increase the body’s need for certain nutrients

  • Supplemental amounts of protective nutrients like anti-oxidents hinder aging, cellular damage and other disorders

  • Adequate vitamin and mineral intake is essential for performance & health.

There are three parts of supplements in my opinion:

1. Vitamins

2. Critical need supplements

3. Support supplements

By far the best results I have experienced have been with supplements from Advocare.

I use the following supplements:

  • APY Platinum MNS System
  • Catalyst
  • POS 3
  • POS 1
  • POS 5
  • Spark (cherry)
  • APY Shakes and bars are great in between snacks

I feel it is necessary to take some additional vitamins if you are working out hard as your body metabolizes them faster then a non-active person.  Additional minerals and vitamins are for sure needed as you increase your activity level.

I recommend Advocare MNS Platinum, or Gold along with the following supplements for weight management and vibrant health.

Critical need supplements:
What I mean by critical need supplements is, if your goal is to eat 5-6 time per day eat 3 solid food meals and supplement with 2 or 3 replacement meal drinks.  What or which product you use is not important but what is important is that the one you decide on helps you reach the specific nutrition levels you have set for your self.

I usually add 2 meal replacement shakes per day in between meals to help boost my metabolism and energy levels. I can tell it is time for something when I start to feel sluggish and lethargic in between meals.  Additionally these shakes help cure my craving for sweets during the diet period. The best product I have found for taste and results is Advocare Perfect Meal in Strawberry and Vanilla

Some Good meal replacement drinks are, made by Advocare.   You may buy your performance  products through   I suggest that you experiment with flavors and healthy items you can add to the shake.  Some suggestions (and my favorites) are cinnamon, bananas, peanut butter (fat free or low fat) or fresh strawberries.

Support supplements:

I can  suggest adding some things to add to your diet but check with your doctor before including any of these in your diet plan.

1. Rehydration – I feel this is a must for anyone entering into regular training. I feel It gives an incredible edge to anyone that is serious about results.  I use Advocare POS 3 and Spark to get a wonderful scense of mental clarity, focus and replenishment of electrolytes.

2. HMB – This I feel has helped me improve the most. I  use Advocare POS5 to get the best HMB on the market.  ß-hydroxy ß-methylbutyrate monohydrate (HMB) has been shown to support the body’s ability to minimize protein (i.e., muscle) breakdown and damage to muscle cells, which can occur after intense resistance exercise.1 By reducing muscle tissue breakdown, HMB may tip the scales of protein turnover in favor of new muscle growth. This helps the muscles recover and repair themselves more rapidly.  A standard dose of 1-2 grams per day is a good start.

3. Glutamine – This is a good product to help the amino acids metabolize more fully.  Use POS 1 to get the correct balance of amino acids.

4. Fat Burner – A thermogenic enhancer or fat burner is a product you want to think long and hard about including or adding to your diet.  I do NOT recommend using any supplement the contains any effedra ingredients. Check with your doctor before using any product that will increase your metabolic rate.  There are many products that fit into this category so choose one that fits for you.

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